Preparation for Submitting Mixes

  1. Do not add stereo limiting across the whole track unless for effect only. Not much can be done with a highly compressed track by the time I get it in the mastering stage.
  2. The average loudness shouldn't exceed -12dB/RMS.
  3. Bounce your mixes down to the bit depth and sampling rate you recorded in and don't dither. 24bit/44.1k WAV of AIFFs are preferred.
  4. Do not add fades (in/out) unless crucial to the song. We can add fades in the final sequencing process
  5. Include a complete tracklist with track names as you want them to displayed on the final album art and CD-TEXT
  6. Tracks can be delivered in person via CD/hard-drive, uploaded to a service like or to the Bassnode FTP (contact for login details)